Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"Update: Coming soon"

You know, in 2015 when I wrote "Update coming soon" I honestly thought I was going to get back into the whole blogging thing. I still wasn't 30, I still lived at home with my mum and dad, I was at the time still unemployed. It felt like the thing to do. Reconnect with some old online friends, relive the glory days of being the "Worlds sexiest male blogger" and most importantly...write about how sad and alone I was. You know, use this blog like any (emo till I die) normal person would and vent some feelings.

But none of that happened, 3 years pass and nothing. I turned 30 and got a job as a chef, I moved out of my mum and dads and rented a flat on the docks overlooking the river, I turned 31 and met (I'm going to be biased here) the most beautiful girl I've ever met and stopped being all sad. I moved out of my lovely dock flat and out to a bigger flat near some parks and amazing places to eat and drink. I turned 32 and my girlfriend has now moved in with me, we're looking at things to buy from Ikea, fighting about who's turn it is for the dishes and who has to hoover the floor this week (it's her turn don't believe what she says).

So what, why are you writing this blog now? I hear you all shout. The answer, honestly I don't know why now. The last few weeks I've just been wanting to sit down and type, something, anything. A story? a blog? A poem? Just something creative. Does it mean I'm going to blog more, I hope so because I miss it. Or at the end of the day is it going to be another three years. Time will tell, but I've changed the look of the blog, removed some things and just gave it a bit of a dusting, so who really knows.

Good talking to you all again.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Update: Coming soon.

An update to this site and how I use it is coming very soon. In the mean time why not check out my film podcast and movie news website over at CinemaGoers as well as enjoying this updated image of my face.

See you soon folks!

Friday, 7 February 2014

"Sticks and Stones luv'".

Lets get things started. I don't have a new job but I am working for free and will be for around 2 weeks, at a online news site which will soon becoming a local TV station. Do I hope that it becomes a job soon and they start paying me? Yes, yes I fucking do.

I want back into this industry and I feel like this is a good chance of mine to get back in. I've been there for a week now and in that time I'm thrown myself into doing what I can, it's a young team with two bosses who sit upstairs that I've seen maybe 3 times. We're left to get on with out work, that's cool I like that, it works great.
The people who I've been working with seem like good people, yes I'm the oldest there in the room but only by a few years. Over this last week I've done a few jobs, I've filmed 3 news stories with someone else doing the interviewing and I've edited two, the last thing I have to do now is be in front of the camera and tell the news story. I'm fine with this, I've been doing Youtube for long enough to know I can do it, yes it feels a bit different because you're with other people and not sitting on your arse alone in a bedroom, but it's not something I can't do.

So hears the thing, I don't want to be someone I am not and as you can see from here and mostly if you follow me on Twitter, that I like a good swear, it's part of me, I don't think swearing should be such a big deal as some people can make out as after all they're just words.

"Sticks and Stones luv'".

BUT, being online giving a news report, with my face and having to sign off at the end of the report with my "my name, company name, Liverpool". This (at least in my head) means people will look for me by typing in my name. I did a little Googling to see how long that would take. Now I'm pleased to say typing in my name you see nothing to connect me to Dutchface for many pages, which I would say a average person would have given up by that time. This can't be said however if you flick that switch to "Images" which after only 27 images and four rows down there, thanks to FUCKING GOOGLE+ is my face and my name which then has Dutchface written all over it and ta-dar you found me.

I've never been one for hiding online, you know me you know me big deal I've a very open book, you can really ask me anything (go for it feel free). But I would be lying if I said I don't know how I feel about people such as PR people or at least people I have interviewed (in a future where this is what I keep doing) having the connection between that hard working guy with the beard to Dutchface, that guy who says "Fuck" lots.

I figured I have some options.

  1. I make a new twitter which is still me but less (to little) swearing for mostly work reasons.
  2. I stop swearing on twitter and change. 
  3. I go and delete all information that has both my name and Dutchface on. You who know me will all still know its me and my real name but new people shouldn't be able to connect the two. 
So internet, what do YOU think? Do I do one of these options? Do you have other suggestions?

Now I know a few of you have already said to me on twitter what you think, but frankly I've not blogged since May last year.. so guessed it was time.

Love your faces.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Projects: Podcasts & Comic Book characters in plaid.

One project was thrown to the ground after only a week of posting, it's a good idea but it will be something I can come back to in the future or at least until someone begs me to see photos of me as a child. But when something stops (even if it was about 7 months ago) others begin.

Honestly I am someone that loves writing or blogging but the fact that it takes me months sometimes even years between writing to do them really confuses me. You might even know that at University on top of Media course I took a creative script writing class which I utterly loved and wrote some, frankly, stella scripts but after I finished (some 7 years ago now) and got my degree, did I write anything creatively? Did I bollocks, I went about my life and didn't touch it leaving my poor brain to just become a stagnant pond of creativity.

Now, I was lucky enough last Friday to be a guest on The Petecast and without spoilers (as it's not out till next week) it's the best podcast you're going to hear with both me and fantastic Peter on. At the end of said podcast I mentioned that I was working on a new secret project, I have to say I'm the worst at keeping my own secrets because I just want to tell people and get feedback right away. It's a project that I'm working slowly because like I said, stagnant pond. As you might or might not know, I'm a bit of a fan of comic books so without beating around the bush for too long here, I've start writing one. Now I've only ever written scripts for TV/radio in my academic life so to come at this with no fucking idea on how to structure writing a comic book I've began attacking it like I was writing for TV and you know what, it's kinda working.
What I'm planning on doing (and lets hope I can continue this time) is every couple of weeks come back to this blog and fill in what I've been doing with the writing of this comic. It's both a way to get me to keep writing it without taking long breaks and to keep people in the loop and hopefully use other people to get some help or ideas as I go along with the story. Think of it like a kickstarter pick only without you having to give me any money.

I'm happy to say that as of now, I've written the overall idea of the story I'm going with. I've got most of the characters sorted and yes there will be a character who wears plaid. I don't want to give too much away clearly just yet, mostly because it's the internet and ideas can always be stolen but I will give some plot points and better info as I get closer to the completed first draft. I might even start seeing if I have any lovely friends who can draw to help bring parts of it to life as I write it to see what the characters would be like. (really if you are a bit of a drawer let me know).

Jumping back to podcasts for a second, Jay an old friend of mine and myself have started our very own podcast. Now it's the first time we have done anything like this together and while the first one isn't up to listen to just yet (but will be sometime Tuesday 21st), we have recorded two and having listened to the both after the second one we already seem to be more comfortable crammed into a small room talking to each other. So i'm looking forward to recording more. So if you like films and movie talk come join us at CinemaGoers and get ready for some mindless movie chatter, though we do promise to talk about new films and trailers more than other things we do get sidetracked now and again.. but it's all in good fun. So keep an idea out for that.

Until next time with some comic book updates.
Love your faces


Monday, 19 November 2012

Look at these photographs - I'm sorry i'll never use Nickleback as a title again

OK, lets not pretend here that I am a famous person or anyone with a life that has stories so amazing they could one day be turned into a movie (I mean if you want to feel free...). But I have had a life, it could have been better, it could have been worse but damnit it's been my life and I have enjoyed every second. Right, well maybe not EVERY second but those crappy seconds better you as a person and shape the man or women you become later in life. Jeez look at this half a paragraph in and I'm already way off my point.

My point is that I have had a life and this life has been captured in many photos over my 26 years of life. These photos are a reminder of people, times, feelings and moments. They tell stories and remind me of things long forgotten. Id like to add the sentence "they make me laugh and cry" here somewhere but I don't remember the last time a picture made me cry, sure I have feelings of sadness if I see a picture of someone I know who has gone, but mostly it just reminds me of happy moments with them and that's what this blog is going to be about. This blog isn't just for you, it's for me to look back on my life and see my life as it's become what it is now. This blog will not be in any order because, frankly, that would make this a lot harder on me and I can be a little lazy sometimes so expect to bounce all over my life from time to time. Oh one final thing, I guess I should mention this is going to happen every now and again, think of it like a project...

Having said all that, lets start someone near the beginning of my life, lets start when I was about three (I'm sure if my sister reads this she'll correct me) which would have been about 1989. For those of you not born before the 90's this was a time of brown, colour had just been added to the world to make photographs more interesting and we started with rubbish colours just to get people used to it. OK that bit wasn't true but I can tell you it was a time before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Seinfeld or Twin Peaks had ever come on the TV I know that for a fact. The picture shows three people created by my mum and dad, My brother: Chris, my sister: Joann and that little grinning cute, still kind of blonde hair thing is me, Ian.

I think around this time in my life I had just started managing to say their names correctly or at least getting closer to them. For the first few years of my life I had managed sounds close to this and from what I'm told seemed happy to just go with it. Chris became "Kig-a-da" and Joann was "Waan" That's with a elongated "An" sound. I was about three and it was close enough, besides the only time I would need to say their names is if we where fighting. Which I am informed we did rather a lot, but look at the (demonic) cute smiling face at the front, it couldn't have been my fault, way too precious. Though please don't quote me on that and I will fact check with my mother for the future, I promise.

This was taken in the house I still live in today with my mum and dad, the walls and floor have thankfully changed from the "decorated in the 70's" style we have going in the picture but my brother and sister have left leaving just me. It's safe to say we get on better without living together and thankfully I have mastered their names by now.

I've not jumped to far forward into the future with this picture, I'm about ten here and getting a little wider than some of my friends and for some reason am the only one out of the group who isn't wearing a green jumper. Looking at this picture kind of bothers me that I'm NOT wearing green, why not? Did I not have one? was I being a rebel and refusing (unlikely) or had I just taken it off? I remember it being a strict rule they had to be on but clearly "fuck da rules, I'm 10, it's 1996, I've seen a episode or two of Farther Ted so know the word "Feck" so take your green jumper and get out of here"... I assume I never said to anyone, ever, at any point of my school life. Looking back I just kind of wish I'd have wore the stupid green jumper.

Looking at the picture now, from the group of lads I can remember the names of about 8 of them pictured, two of them are still very good friends to the time of writing this, others I still see around or if they're lucky have things "liked" on Facebook and two where utter knob heads, I mean utter utter total tools. Who I'm rather pleased to say I have zero interaction with. One could be in prison for all I know, I mean it's likely as the last time I seen him he had stolen a car. Like I said, knob. Hello if you're reading this by the way. The School is Linacre Primary in Bootle, this is I'm guessing lunch time, as can be seen by the lack of eating going on and for the life of me if you held a gun to my head I wouldn't be able to tell you why I have this photo, who took it or for what reason it sits on my computer. It's nice to see that I always tried to surround myself with people, I like people... people are cool.

I have three boxes full of old photos which is three boxes of stories waiting to be told and many more photos from more recent times (not in boxes, more things need to be put in boxes) which I'm hoping to interest you in over the time I do these. So expect more of these, I like this blog idea.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chicago: Love.

The last few months have been pretty amazing, first LA and amazing people then a few weeks later I found myself once again sitting in Terminal 3 of Manchester airport waiting to climb back on to flight 55 to Chicago. This time I wasn't going anywhere else but getting off and staying for 2 whole weeks. For those of who read last weeks blog and didn't vomit yourself to death I was there to see my girlfriend, Rachel. Chicago is an amazing city and over the 2 weeks I crammed so much into it it's hard to remember all the things but lets give it a go hey? I'm going to give you all I can not to make you vomit more, though I promise nothing.... TO THE BULLET POINTS!

  • Arrived in Chicago after being surrounded by three women all reading "50 Shades" and shifting about in their seats. for 7 hours.
  • Managed to sneak up behind Rachel who was waiting to pick me up, giving her a shock and getting a massive hug/kiss from her in the same second.
  • Drove to Phams who was kindly letting me stay for 2 whole weeks in his apartment.
  • Got a crash course in travelling around Chicago, which is SUPER easy and cheap everywhere else should look at Chicago and follow suit. (I even wrote a little blog for Erini while out there on the topic)
  • Hit the first night out with all the guys who lived out there, groggy, having not slept and having time travelled went for dinner and drinks with all the bloggers and vloggers, Miss Kitty, Katherine, Joey, Gregor, Pham, Rachel, Erini. (all the links!).
  • Went to my first ever Baseball game, I'm now a Cubs fan, I'm happy for this to happen. They got beat but this was an official date with Rachel in her own city, had an amazing time the crowd is insane and the atmosphere is fantastic, had my first "old style" (more will happen) and a amazing Wriggly Dog (OMG SO GOOD)
  • Met Rachel's family over a few days, ate with them, watched Gilmore Girls with them and got a night sitting with Rachel in her home watching Mystery Science Theatre with her. :)  
  • Got a tour of Down-town Chicago from Rachel, stopping at many Starbucks and walking around looking at the amazing buildings and art the city has to offer. Such as Cloud Gate below.

  • Joined "The Summer Soccer Society" and played FOOTBALL for two week with Pham and his friends VS random Mexican guys in the park, I was proud of myself for being rather good.. well next to the Americans anyway.
  • Hit a friendly little bar called "Max's Place" where Old Style was only a $1 ... a $1. I've never seen a $20 bill vanish so quickly.
  • had a pre birthday, birthday meal with Rachel and Gregor at Giordanos Pizza.. DAMN good pizza
  • Rachel's birthday... bullet point break!

Rachel's birthday was honestly the main reason I choice to go to Chicago at this time of the year, I mean that was clear right? Birthdays are amazing, Rachel is someone I massively care about and it seemed like the thing to do, so I did. I had told her we could do whatever she wanted, it might have been my holiday but it was her day of birth and because a big sappy boy I'm nice like that offered to take her out for the day. She had picked a River architecture tour. So at 6ish we got on a massive boat with about 7 other people (busy I know right) and moved slowly up and down the river, while the sun went from being up to gone. It was amazing sitting next to her for that in a city she clearly loves watching how pretty it is at all times of the day. It's easy to see why she loves it, the building are amazing, the skyline at all times of the day amazing and the people, well they are some of the friendliest nicest people I've met, though that might be just because of my charming accent.

After that I took her for a meal at the Grand Lux Cafe, I safe "cafe" but I don't think America knows what a cafe really is... this place was huge and clearly a fancy restaurant. The food amazing, the staff amazing and OH GOD THE MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE *dies in own droll* each one is made from scratch to order and is so so good, worth going just for that.. oh wait I'm dead now I can't type.. braaaaaiiinnnsss...

On my last day, Rachel planned some things (I'm back from being dead now, don't worry) for us to do. So once again found ourselves heading out into the streets of Chicago, this time however we managed to be out early enough for Lunch, so naturally we went to a Scottish whiskey bar, here we had burgers named after famous Scottish people AND drank whisky, something the guy who worked there said he had never done before at lunch time. "Come on man, you're a WHISKY BAR.. give me some damn Whiskey with my lunch!" is something I didn't say but got whiskey anyway and damn it was good. 
After a bit of a walk around the Lincoln Park area (I'd happily live there) we finished the evening off with a trip up the John Hancock centre for a final and amazing goodbye to the city, fighting to get a seat by the window before the sun started going down (we did). we sat, laughed, flirted, drank and flirted some more while watching the sun dip behind the world and my time in Chicago. It was an amazing trip with some fantastic people and one rather awesome person (I vomited a bit myself there sorry readers). It's not even a "will I ever see this city again" moment because the place has many things I want to see again and I will. See you around Chicago, you're a pretty fantastic city. 

Dutchface x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

So, since June: Bullet point attack.

Yes, OK so this post should have been written about 4 or 5 weeks ago now, you all know me the self entitled worst blogger in the world. I've found it takes a lot to get me to sit down and write things any more  Which for someone who did a degree in writing (OK it was film/TV script writing) I don't do anything. So today I promised I would blog and DAMNIT I'm blogging.

So what's happened since the last time I wrote something on my blog, looking at it you will see that it was in JUNE (shakes head) So if I want to hold my 20SB title of sexiest male blogger I'm going to have to work harder aren't I? (not in the looks department I'm super fucking pretty so you can relax on that). So what has been going on in my life, lets play super fast catch up with the joys of bullet pointing.

  • I'd been texting Rachel rather a lot over the last few months, I say "texting" what I mean is flirting ... a lot and by Rachel I mean this pretty girl I'd known for a year from Chicago.
  • After buying a $750 plane ticket to LAX I began saving like a tiny squirrel getting all the nuts it needs to winter in order to have money to spend over there.
  • Only half jokingly (as I was realllllly hoping for a yes) said to Rachel "want to grab a coffee or something when we're in LA?" to which I got I think the fastest reply ever... that reply was "yes" I like to think it was all in CAPS ... but I don't think it was :P
  • Took my first trip to California to attend Vidcon with some AMAZING people...
"be a dinosaur!" I pose for some odd photos 

 Lets break from the main bullet points for a second, since Vidcon should have really had it's own post not long after I got back lets take a second to talk about it, .. but in bullet points, why you ask? bullet points are easy to do, shut up.

  • Flew to Chicago, Rachel and Pham met me at the airport for my connecting flight to LAX.
  • Got a little shy, (umm OK that's not happened before) just kinda hugged Rachel and left to get a Starbucks before coming back and just.. standing there.
  • Sat next to Rachel from Chicago to LAX, things felt better. Flirting resumed.
  • Met Nico! .. who kindly was picking everyone up from the airport, thanks buddy.
  • Spent the day in Disney, flirting, didn't Kiss Rachel on the ghost train ... who wants their first kiss to be in the Haunted Mansion. Nope.
  • VIDCON happened: met lots of cool "You Tubers" met Ze Frank at the bar invited him to join us and then just spoke about video making for 25min (That was fucking awesome). 
  • Just had a casual game of Settlers of Catan with... FUCKING WIL WHEATON for 2 hours
  • went on said date with Rachel, kissed her then... kissed her some more, took photos, kissed more and ate ice cream, kissed a bit more, drank water, walked, took more photos, did some geocaching and kissed a bit more. :) (sappy Ian is sappy)
  • Dancing, singing and inventing new dance moves at the YouTube gig/concert at the end of the night, a little drunk. 
We're best friends now... honest.
After Vidcon, me and Rachel thought it would be a good idea to give something called a "long distance relationship" a go. You might have heard of them? So it was settled by me, pretty much before I flew back to England that I would be back. Which leads us back to the main bullet points.

  • Started saving money to fly to Chicago.
  • Got a nice little tax rebate from the tax man - bought plane ticket that day to Chicago
  • Had a number of Skype dates with Rachel - watching Doctor Who and Movies while eating popcorn 4000+ miles away at the same time.

  • Flew to Chicago .... 
Which I will talk about... next week. (look I need a way to get myself to write more regularly.. this is it)

Overall these last few months have been fantastic. Meeting new people, meeting people I've known for a while and spending time in amazing places. Most of all Rachel, I like that I can call her my girlfriend, I like it how when she iMessages me at 4am I'm not pissed off, in fact I encourage her to do so just because I like reading things she says to me. I'm pretty much a huge sappy loved up idiot. But I would like it very much if you didn't tell anyone.

So until I make you vomit with next weeks post, see you then.