Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Another baby, Svea's 21st.


I've moved from the warmth of the Nerdfighters to what most people have called a "real blog".. here at blogger this seems to work the same way as I'm used to, so I don't have to work new things out which is frankly always good.

So as the ones who have read my other blog will have known my Sisterface had a baby girl last week and they are both doing very well and I've heard no stories yet of waking up far to early or lots of crying which is always good... but this blog isn't about her she got most of the blogs for the last month so we are moving on... to my Broface. Now he has been married for a while now to Rachel (who it seems to long to have a name like Rachelface, maybe Rachface if she ask's nicely mind) anyway I'm going off the subject a little. After a long talk to dadface about my sisters new baby dropped the news rather out of the blue in a well played waiting game to him that he and Rach will be having their first baby. So if you are reading this Rach (which I know you do sometimes) Congrats to you both... and I'm sober enough now to enjoy your share of the booze for the next few months, just make sure you don't have new baby on the 25th Jan... I don't share well :-P x

So if you people remember from last Saturday I mentioned that I was off to Svea's birthday party - I also said I was going to be good... I'm sure I was because nearing the end of the party my memory becomes a little tiny ... TINY bit patchy, a sign of a damn good party! (as you can see from the back of my head on the picture) Lots of laughter lots of drinking and one hell of a good BBQ from the man on the grill, that would be Rossy - see I did remember something, OK if you want to be picky it was the man who was giving me food but I still remembered a name!

we had everything you need, meat, Beer, other fun (drunk) people, people who watch Doctor Who to nerd out with and Apple Sour from a Navy Boy.. which I'm told I drank a rather a lot of by Jay (big gulp). As the night went on and as it's the UK the warm sunny day became a cold evening but thank whatever god or gods you want to we had a wood burner right next to us. I've never had so much fun burning wood and watching as people are to slow to react to getting a hot burning ember on their skin or clothes and it burning a hole... like I said good times. I look forward to my next chance to get this drunk... which will probably be the christening of Caoimhe (again for those not in the know you say it Kwe-Va) though from me she might just get penguinface because I think that's rather cute :D

On a last note, and slightly bummer vibe for me at least... I didn't get the Job at the BBC in Salford which was a downer... just means I have to keep looking for more work. I will do this!

Until next time guys, I'm out.


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