Saturday, 5 June 2010

Caoimhe & the odd week (with added "awwwww" picture)

Morning world of blog readers

Since I said I was going to start this blogging lark every Monday and Friday I think I've managed to pull off one day.. in maybe 2 weeks. which is slacking and totally not on. I mean I'm sure last week there was people out in the blog-world thinking "Christ (or other non specific god type character) Ian where the hell is your blog?" and "we want to know how dull your live has been THIS week" .. I'm spot on right? I got you down to a tee .... my sarcasm would work so much better in video form.. but that's not happening any time soon. Right! on with the blog

So your getting a one off Saturday blog... and you're going to like it.

I understand the headline of this sounds like a bad 80's wedding band but I assure you that it's not... as other then playing the drums for 4 years while in high school (some time ago now) I can say that I've not started a tribute to bad wedding music due to tremendous lack of musical skill (though I can edit a good sound file like no other person). NO, Caoimhe is the name of my brand new niece...

... You may have noticed in the last few blogs that I kept saying my sisterface was due to give birth any day now (personally I thought she was going to keep hold of her until July just to screw with my mind and bank account - though that's a story for another blog in the future.) but kindly enough she didn't at at 4th June at 4.02am she was born ... and if you're trying to pronounce her name you say it Kwee-Va, though I shall just be calling her penguin due to her baby brother giving her a stuffed one from the Zoo when she was born and that being the first thing I was told by my sister.

So congrats Sisterface and I'll see her soon!

Now I say it's been a odd week.. but really it hasn't been that odd.. I mean i've done and had much odder weeks in the past, but with this one I once again got the taste of living alone and I kinda like it... ok maybe not alone nobody like being alone but in a house that I control... buying my own food.. keeping the place clean and safe.. etc and truly once again can't wait to get a job where I can afford to drag my ass out from the family house and move out .. (to a small rubbish apartment somewhere no doubt :P) and just enjoy all this... more. oh course it would need to be by friends or at least with a friend, as I've gone a bit mental being alone at night, I'm a social person.. I need people to interact with. I guess that would be one of the reasons I right this blog even though I only get a little feedback.. that's nice. anyway ramberling now.

Need to drag myself down to the shops as it's Svea's (@miss_svea) birthday today (Happy Birthday Svea!!) to get her a card, she is 21 today... and this makes me happy, because in celebration... it's a BBQ/cookout and party and before that the PUB! so if i'm not drunk and unable to see by the end of the night I'm going to be upset. let's make a fool of myself infront of people I don't know... that or be good. .. yes Svea I'll be good promise ha!

Right one more thing before I go... I'm thinking of running away from posting a blog here and moving to a new home such as this one which I made a while ago before I came here to nerdfighters... there is a chance I might just double post on both in the future but who knows... (if you notice that this is now also on Blogspot and you are reading this here.. hello to you all)

So until the start of next week... laters...

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