Thursday, 17 June 2010

World Cup & Hell Month! (they know I'm joking)

Alright you blog reading people you, it's time for another blog.

(if this was a TV show you would get theme music right about here, but no your reading this)

So the other week I brushed over what I like to call "Hell Month" and I promised that I would mention what the hell that was... I'm sure some people know already because the people that have known me for years know that around this time of the year it's all I go on about. Now I'm not bitter about this at all but I like to have a damn good bitch about it anyway.

"Hell Week" as you can probably work out from the picture is Birthday related, but not just one birthday oh no.. my whole family's birthday: the whole of the face family (mum, dad, sister, brother and sister-in-law) likes to attack my bank account in one month, which as a unemployed person of the world means it takes a nice big nose dive into the red (or there about) you see this whole problem would be solved if I was rich... why can't I be rich? That or at least they should be forced as a group to spread a birthday between the other 12months of the year... selfish gits every last one of them =P

So I would just like to in advance shout Happy Birthday to every last one of you and hope you enjoy taking all my money, bastards. <3

So I've been trying to write this blog now about about, lets say a week and a half but i've had a slight problem, something was stopping me by taking up all my time at and between the hours of: 12.10pm, 3.30pm and 7.30pm - you might have heard of this little sporting event which takes place every four years called the world cup? .. no... yes? Now I love the world cup, I don't like Englands chances to win it, hell it would be nice though so people would stop talking about 1966 for a little while LET IT GO people... just PLEASE stop going on about it, do you hear other teams doing it? no.. right so shut up....

...Anyway I digress, what was I saying? oh.. the world cup is great to watch, the whole spectacle of football, countries coming together to join in the wonderful game it's just GREAT ok... well at least it normally is. This past week of first matches (other than Ze Germans) has been some of the dullest worst football I have ever watched. Everyone trying to make sure they don't lose the first game has equalled in, OK some matches have had little sparks of great play and I've counted about 5 shots that have smacked off the goal frame but that's not good enough! I want world class skilled football, I want to be saying WOW and screaming as a shot flies in more than once a game. COME ON teams get your acts together...

As I type this Argentina Vs South Korea is on and it is proving to be one of the better games I've watched so far.. (2-0 as I type this nonsense) which I'm hoping is a good sign now that we are into the second games of each group.. so If you don't mind I'm off to watch the game without straining my neck to see the TV... I'll be back next week sometime with my thoughts on E3 (which for those who don't know is a massive Video game show in LA so you can all look forward to that one)

Later people!

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