Sunday, 29 August 2010

Beer To Reach - if I turn around that is.

So last night was rather epic, for those of you who don't know why please sit down and get comfy and we'll begin:

So for those of you who don't know me that well you will have to understand and know that I've been unemployed for some time now, around a year. It's not something I'm proud of in anyway shape or form but I was looking for a job, my job, the one I want to do for a number of years and enjoy - that job is in radio in some form or another, be it presenting and talking rubbish or producing right now I'd happily do both ... but sadly there is no radio jobs going on at the moment so I have to find something else until that comes along (I have a job interview on Friday which is in PR which would be GREAT in the mean time though)
I'm going off point here, that seems to happen to me a lot I must concentrate more when writing... where was I?

Oh right yes... having no job means I have no money to spend on going out and drinking which is what a number of my mates where doing this evening... so I called up my other jobless friend Alan who was feeling sick or something which led me to a problem, it's Saturday night I have no money and no friends to hang out with... shit now what? Well lucky for me my VEDA friends pulled out a great idea.
That Idea is WinetoReach, a fantastic idea where we all get together over twitter (and also video) and slowly begin to drink but oh no! one other problem for me, that problem was it started at 3am my time due to most of the VEDA people living in the US.. eek. It was 9pm GMT and I was already halfway down my first can of Beer...this could be a large problem.

So anyway I made it (just) to 3am and had managed to put away roughly 9 cans while waiting for everyone to get ready and it begins!
Now I was chatting away on twitter, when I noticed
there was also a little cam room which had been set up, now we're spoke on twitter and via messages on You Tube but never in person face to face (well face to sound for me as I have no webcam) but I thought why not and joined the room and already a few people where sitting about having a laugh and a drink people like: Nico, Bri Pham and Ashley. So here I was slightly drunk and still drinking at 3.30am having what can be one of the funniest nights of my life to date, as the night went on Ash D turned up with Nicola and other people coming and going, big glasses of wine got drunk by them, some Rum and it was already creeping up to 4.30am. It was this time of the night with myself now rather drunk and everyone else drunk off my fantastic accent that the conversation turned to sex questions which turned out most people turning a strange shade of red while they cried with laughter (I'm looking at you Bri) .. I'll not go into what questions got asked or what answers we got but overall this was adding to the already great night.

A game of Twitter truth or dare was starting to begin and while I didn't get asked to do anything I was around to see a video of Ash D singing "Ommm Boopp" by Hanson outside her house at around midnight her time... which after now 12 beers was fantastic to watch. Then the webchat turned to my accent (What accent I don't know you know those Americans are like) So here I was now on about beer 15 being told to teach people chat up lines in a English accent while everyone in the room tried to copy me, some bad some passable overall the room got a B- (I think it's just because all the girls have a massive crush on me :P) this though didn't turn out very well and ended up with me shouting "EXPELLIARMUS!" as it's best to let Americans think we all sound like Harry Potter characters that or the Beatles or we'll never get any tourists visiting.

It was now beginning to be day time I say this as it was 6.11am and the light was coming in from
outside (as it does) so I polished off my last beer (number 18 or 19) and said my goodbyes to everyone on Twitter and shouted down my mic to the drunk giggling people of the webchat room that I was going... I parted and stumbled to my bed where I jumped right in and was asleep within seconds of taking this very happy picture of a very sleepy and rather drunkard young man... overall people I guess I'm just writing this to say:

THANK YOU ALL!!! - for a great evening/morning in front of my computer, who knew it was possable to drink alone without being alone in any way shape or form... Twitter and talking to you guys made my evening. you know what... Love your bloody faces!! x

Until next time!



  1. This sounds great! Good ole internet. I realised I said on twitter that I should get off the internet; but hell, who am I kidding.

  2. That it was.. a great night. I hope to be able to do it again sometime :)

  3. It was so great having you join us! It was quite the blast last night.

  4. I can't believe we didn't ask you any Truths/give you any Dares! FAIL.

  5. aww I'm really sorry I missed this. LOVE the new layout. This is new right? I request that you let people sign in with just a name and url!
    I request! anyway, as it's not really indicated with my google account it's Linda aka youtube/curiousnotions, twitter/sweetcynic, and

  6. I'll have to look into doing that... as I have no idea. I'm thinking of getting a whole new website done for myself soon... so we'll see what that brings.

    Also yes.. this is a new layout, I wanted more brightness to it.. so I though Larger! :)

  7. ... and Nicole I think it's for the best I fear Truth or Dare haha!