Friday, 20 August 2010


So I don't know how many people have noticed but for the last few weeks now I've not been typing anything on this blog...

Do you know why? ... No? well then shame on you I've been vlogging, yes thats right me, I've been vlogging on You Tube. I got myself a camera and I vlogged like my heart needed it more than anything (more than sex, but honestly.. not that much)I did everything, whenever I left the house I took it with me, if I was in the house it was recording... if you where around me in the first 4 weeks you can count on it that you got filmed so congrats! you're famous now!

So after that first month of Vlogging ... oh wait how silly of me I neglect to mention what VLOGGING is, well vlogging for you stupid people is a blog like this one done with VIDEO (put them together what do you get.. that's right V-LOG) ... I was completely stuck on what to do next the cute kids I was using to gain viewers (though I hope none creepy ones) had gone back home with my sister and the vlogs where looking like death.

Then as if a light had been turned on I discovered VEDA, which can be found here: , stands for Vlog EveryDay in August and joy! they had subjects to cover... glorious daily subjects, I didn't have to think about anything other than what to say... I was saved! at least for this month ahead... So this brings me to today and my first blog in months todays subject was to Vlog about Blogging and it kind of made me want to write something even if it is nonsense (not that all my other posts made sense ha!).

So I enjoy vlogging SO much that I don't know what to do with this blog... now that i've written this one there is a chance i'll be back doing another one in a few days... as long as I have something to talk about that is...
...So what I'm trying to get at is this? should I keep up a blog on top of my vlog? ... or do you want to hear and see this HOT face more than read my words?...

.. you know what? I leave it up to you.

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Until then...your fav face is out of here.


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