Thursday, 26 August 2010

I'm back? No I am really....

So a few of you might be thinking, "get in! Ian's back in the bloggverse" but I'm more than sure at least 50% of you are reading this for the first time and maybe 20% have just found this by accident and are now thinking if you want to stay or go... but you know what whatever part of the percentage you are I'm happy at least that someone is reading the nonsense I put out here now and again.

If you know who I am I suggest you skip down to the next paragraph for those who don't know me... keep reading. Hello my name is Ian at the time of writing this I am 24, single, living with my parents until I have some cash, unemployed and looking for work mainly in radio. I am a little over weight but I'm not really that fussed (am what I am and all that), I enjoy watching films, LOVE music and dance a lot whenever I get a few drinks down me. Last year I finished uni and became the first member of my family (cousins excluded) to get a degree which was in Script writing and Radio (media)... I also enjoy a nice bit of photography but who doesn't these days right?

OK so the people that knew me are back, the rest of you now know enough info about me to at least talk to me in a pub so if you're ever in Liverpool mines a Guinness please. Anyway I'm digressing... what was this blog about again? I forget... shit *5min later* (No really) ... Oh yes! this blog really is my way of pushing myself to write more because hell I enjoy it I really do, it's mostly my lack of spelling skills which stop me from doing a lot of it, but that's not going to stop me any more. So the other day in my last post I mentioned that I was blogging because of a vlog I was doing at the time was about blogging and that got me thinking; "why do I do this?" I mean I have friends that I see more or less everyday so they don't need to see my vlogs or read my blogs, I mean some of them do but most of the time they will find themselves mentioned or see themselves and I'm the only person really that I know who enjoys listening to him/myself (because I'm self indulgent like that :P) So.. why do I do it?

Well I sat and thought about this a lot last night and thought I had it, it's because I enjoy randomly tapping away on my keyboard, that was the best I could come up with and I thought I was happy with that, but this morning I got up and watched about 9 vlogs on You Tube from the others taking part in VEDA* (*see last post) the topic was internet inspirations, and as I sat there watching them I noticed one thing, I was smiling and laughing (at least at the parts that where funny I'm not mental or anything) I was on every word coming from the mouths of my fellow "VEDAITES" and after that I rushed to some of their blogs and read a number of posts from them. I was intrigued to see and read just what these semi-strangers had to say about their lives and what problems they might have and that was it! I knew why I was doing it... these people have in a way I don't think any of us can explain, have become friends and I feel like I know these people more than I should, I've never met them maybe never will and hell there is a massive expanse of water between most of us... but some kind of connection has started and thanks to those people, I feel like blogging again and speaking my mind and telling it like it is...I don't care if I sound normal to you or if I become strange for the time I type this... I'm back baby and let the blogging continue!

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