Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dutchface & the failure of onlineness

Greetings fans/followers/readers & random people stumbling across my blog

So it's been a long time, in fact it's been a VERY long time but I'm here and I am still alive or at least if I'm not I'm one hell of a talented Zombie.

So where have I been? Well I've had a job, in fact after almost 10months of being unemployed I had totally forgotten just how much time working take up... where is the time to have fun? where is the time to sleep in past the hour of 11am ... sadly that has become known to me as like it is to the rest of the working populace as "The Weekend" but that OK with me, my god (magic cow whatever you believe) it really is. You want to know why? well as I said up there I was jobless for around 10months and I had become mad with boredom so thats why I am so happy to have become one of the normal people of the world, working all hours, having a full job list of things to do, coming home eating then going RIGHT to bed... and all the other stuff that comes with over a month having money (MONEY!!!!) in the bank to spend on things. You really have no idea how happy I am despite having had to have halved my time socialising with people in real life.

So I guess I had to post at least a update on what I've been doing I mean you've just read all that nonsense (or at least I hope you did - I know where you all live) so do you want to know what I do? ... .... ........... Oh wait I can't hear you can I? you are reading the blog of Mr Ian Holland the Multi Media Manager of Ykids charity in Bootle. I would like to point out that I even got to MAKE up my own job title.. so I came up with that (well I'm sure others helped) I mean just how awesome does it make me sound.. I'm a manager ... technically if you want to look at it I manage nobody but myself but when it comes around to writing my CV again that's going to look BAD ASS on the page.

Now moving on to what I do ... I would say it's a number of things which mostly move around making videos/picture videos and other ... things. I am also working helping to sort out/plan/make sure it doesn't fail type of thing which aims to turn St Georges Hall in Liverpool ... into Narnia. I'm even helping to make a paper machee Centaur which although is yet hasn't got a upper body looks sweet and it's made with a group of special needs adults who are fantastically fun to work with even though it's only for 3 hours a week I kinda love it...

anyway I want to go outside and see some friends for a little while as I have a spare 3 hours to use and I think it would be good for me! ha Viva la having a job!

You reading this... what would you like to hear me chat about next time? Work stuff... or more about me? feel free to comment below!

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  1. I HAVE this comment box.

    It's great how you got to make up your own title. Were you not tempted to make it 'super-great-itotallyhavepowersIan (manager)'. Though the CV gods might not like that as much as I do.

    Next time I would like more about you. Some sort of autobiography would suffice. Yeah. Everyone has time to do one of those.

  2. I could write you a whole book if you would like.. would you like that because I clearly have the time to do that. should we say about 100,000,00000 words?

  3. OK COOL. I'll weep everyday until I receive said book.