Friday, 29 October 2010

I am the worst blogger in the world. Part I

Hello there you faceless people who never comment how are you all doing!?

Wait... what am I doing? this blog isn't about you, or in fact for the most time about other people. This is MY blog so I want to talk about myself.


So for days, weeks maybe even borderline months now I have been thinking "Oh I should blog today something exciting happened" but then I finish doing whatever task I was doing and can't be arsed or I sit down at the computer and then go to the following places: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail back you Youtube, Twitter a bit more then stop caring and go to bed. Now this isn't what someone who, you know LIKES writing should be doing ... (Twitter doesn't count as writing).
I should be sitting at this computer every second I have coming up with exciting things to say on this blog, I should be looking at my script I've been writing for magic cow knows how long for (been on page 1 for about.. maybe a year) but I don't and why is that? why?! ...... Because you're lazy ... YES inner mono log represented within Italics you are right. I'm LAZY. if it helps I don't want to be, I want to sit here and type away even if it is this nonsensical dribble which you see before you but it's writing and it's what I enjoy.... to a degree anyway.

I feel like when I write I want to write something much more exciting something that will have you gripped for the second you read my first line ... and my life just isn't that at the moment if I was to blog more than I do you would be filled with the same stuff over and over let me just give you a overall run of most of my days:

1. Do the breakfast thing after waking up
2. dress
3. work till 5
4. eat tea
5. nap
6. tv catch up
7. bed

See exciting, I've been thinking about just starting to write nothing but lies in my blog, lies so untrue you'll know but at least I'll get to do what I love the most: Come up with ridicules stories... so what do you think? Do I struggle on writing the odd blog on Saturday even if nothing happens in my week? ... or do I start making up stories?

Until I decide .... good day to you all!



  1. Might not be best to force stories if you don't feel like you have anything to say. Maybe you could tell stories of what's happened in your life, something funny, or sad or embarrassing. Or you could talk about what interests you, or something you think is silly.

    OR. Write about robots vs sharks. WHO WOULD WIN.

    The world demands an answer Ian.

    Also, come back to 20sb! Might give you some ideainos. Yes. I just went all Flanders on your ass.

  2. you eat tea?

    - Linda