Monday, 29 November 2010


Hello there you few people who still bother to check my blog on occasion.

You all remember me right? I've been planning on coming to you and telling you all that on top of being the worst blogger in the world I am also such a shameful person who lies to you all... (I say all: (hello Dan maybe Han and Rachel - off topic but why is Rachel not in this spell check?? odd, anyway...)

You recall me saying how I had this great idea for blogging right, I was going to be all creative and do something I love doing, and for those of you who didn't read my last blog (shame on you) I was going to take the world by STORM! (like the one from X-men only nothing like her) well my plan is on hold and thats not because I had NO idea how to start it or which "story" I would begin with... though by saying that I mean that IS the reason and it's on the back burner until a untold time in my future. I'm still (kinda) writing them they are just not blogs... just ideas in my brain getting ready to be spurted out onto my keyboard (I was going to say that's a bit like my sex life but I figured that was to much information ... wait I just did, sorry). I feel dirty now.

So anyway my overall plan now that you have read this is to come out with a kind of ranting blog .. one about video games and films and such like. I'm not to smart about my anger when it comes to putting it down and in fact if you don't like video game films you might want to stay away from this blog for the week .... but come back! PROMISE me you'll be back ....!! you will right?!

I would also like to say that if by the end of the week that blog is up I will buy someone a gift for xmas ... Until then!


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  1. How dare my name not be in the Spell check!

    Also: I have a very vivid image of you, keyboards and spurting and I don't think I can ever forgive you.