Friday, 3 December 2010

Gamers know best?

I said the other day this would happen and for the first time in a long time on this blog I'm keeping my word.

This as you can tell from the title is going to be about video games ... but more importantly the films which keep being made in their names. Now I'm going to start with this, I have never made a big blockbuster film, I have never made a video game, but I'm a fan of both and as a fan I think that film makers like to over look us. I can't say why because honestly I don't know why... but I have a idea and this blog today will be me trying to get my point and idea across.

So lets start right at the end, which after all is the best place to start (see: Sunset Boulevard) over the last few weeks gamers had the joy to hear about a UNCHARTED film, Uncharted for those of you who don't know, don't play video games or simply just don't give a toss is (coming from a Xbox guy) one of the BEST games ever created, roughly it's a Indiana Jones style, treasure hunting, gun firing, smart arsed talking romp for the playstation3. What makes it perfect is the title character Nathan Drake. (voiced by the man of a thousand voices all the same, Nolan North, I'm not knocking the man.. he's just done ALOT of games). Drake is what everyone really wants to be, quick witted, very lucky and a hit with the women... I would like to say I hope it is everyone that wants to be like this and not just me because that would be sad.

So when it was time to begin casting for this film fans knew who they wanted, they wanted a man who WAS quick witted, smart very funny and a hit with that niche of people, that man for most people (including myself) was Nathan Fillion, for those of you who don't know him stop now, open a new window and IMDB him and watch some of his films. The man himself looks like the game character, sounds like him, acts like him.... look he is Drake he even went on Twitter and said he would LOVE to be him, but here is where the problem...he wasn't wanted... sadly Mark Wahlberg was...

Now I have no hate for Wahlberg, he's been in some bad films yes.. but he's been in some good ones too. I mean I enjoyed The Departed...though coming to think it over he did kinda suck in it next to all the other actors... but this isn't the point I want to make, Wahlberg isn't Drake, unless he can pull some fantastic acting from deep deep in him I can't see it. he's not a smart arse, he's not a quick person in my eye so why was he cast? Why did the studio go out of their way to pick a man who nobody seemed to want, let alone expect.

Why does this happen every time? A film version of a much loved game is announced, fans get excited, the same fans who know and love the game all know who would be perfect for the roll, because lets face it us gamers have been playing these games to death and know the characters more or less inside out, yes some people will have a different idea but overall the common ideas for actors normally is very smiler. Then it happens, as it always happens the film studio comes along and utterly and really miscasts and worst still takes the fantastic script and story of the game and then goes about unzipping their pants pulling out and letting fly some hot steamy piss all over it, drying it, ironing out the folds and then presenting it on the big screen to fans who just HOPE that something good comes of it... for me 80% of the time... it's the worst thing.

lets just give a run down: Resident Evil('s), Hitman, Tekken and Max Payne .. yes these films have some good moments but... it's not what people (again at least I would say) want. Is it because film makers think that by putting a story which people have already seen on a video game that they wouldn't be interested in a live action version? because I know that to be a pile of Bull. Ok you can't show for example people walking around doing puzzles all the time but that what screenwriters are for. Flesh out the story give the character something to say and do.. it doesn't have to be mindless action just because it's a video game... entertain me FFS and I'll go on record here on saying, I think you would make alot more money and get more fans from the source going to see your film...

... honestly I think that's enough for now because frankly I got a bit annoyed before and couldn't get my words down right.. but I've not even gone into the De Niro and Joe Pesci problem with the Uncharted film .. but if I calm down.. and after reading this back it makes ANY sense I might come back to it... but till then.



  1. Good post. Whilst I agree with a lot of what you say, in an angry video game nerd kinda way, I also understand studios choices of game titles and actors.
    I will respond in full with a post of my own, and finally get my head around this whole link-back malarkey!

    Do more posting! I like having someone to geek on/with about games (crikey that geek on remark sounded awfully homoerotic)(and by that I mean more than I intended *wink*)

  2. Resident Evil made me die inside. Even at 13 I knew it was God awful. It is frustrating when they destroy the plot lines of good games with big blockbuster movies that seemingly demand a crucifixion of the script and vital plot points. It's slap-dash and it's unfortunate that people keep going to see this low quality film making; it only fuels a shallow make-shift industry.

    Of course, there are some films that haven't been too bad (name me one?) but these are few and far between. And indeed, until you watch the movie you can't be entirely sure if it's arse. So you'll go to see it for the name sake; thus perpetuating the cycle.

    Resident Evil (the film): you have ruined me.