Monday, 27 December 2010

It's Christmas time pt 1

Merry Christmas!

So after the last blog I did seemed to make me come across a little bit of a angry complaining little so and so I thought I would come here for Christmas... Ok I understand that it is now the day after boxing day (for you non English/Canadian people its a day in which we all build little forts out of Boxes) and not Christmas, but come on I've been rather busy over this little time of year, even though i've been off work for a good week now I still not managed to get a second to sit down and just type... but now that Christmas is over I can write whenever I want and that is my plan thanks to my shiny new laptop that I got..

...Yes that's right, it means I can now write whenever I want, I could sit here in the living room watching the darts with a cool beer like I am doing now and type away any old bollocks. Now I understand that this blog has no structure and I can almost hear you guys saying "just do a Christmas blog" but if I'm honest not a great deal has happened to talk about ... but when has that ever stopped me!

The Week before Christmas is here and i'm just getting off the bus in Liverpool city Centre, naturally it's busy with the mad rushing people who have yet to understand that all shopping can be done online now and saves you having to stand next to people who have no idea of personal space, who are all sick and oddly enough for this time of year, really fucking rude... I mean what idiots I did all my Christmas shopping at the start of the month what can go wrong*? (*we will come back to this) I begin my walk toward Hannah and Dan on the other side of town, we are seeing Tron I am rather excited (ok I'm VERY excited this and Christmas are you kidding me!?) the something happened, something that would tip my excitement level from high to "hell fucking yes!" something cold his my nose then a second cold thing I look to the sky and a white blanket begins to cover my glasses... it's SNOWING and it's snowing lots! Within the 15min I have to walk to the other side of town I look like a snow man the streets are white and my cool ass cloth shoes are looking like a bad idea, I rush into the flat and begin grinning and bouncing about like i've just had the best sex of my life but no it was just that i'm a big child still and nothing was going to kill my buzz and plan of having a better Christmas than I did last year (which was spent with me being mostly rather annoyed at my then GF). To cut along story short here, I more or less skipped to the Cinema with Dan and Hannah while they looked on like I was their young child struggling to control me and then sat watching Tron in stupid orange 3D glasses, I thought the film was although a bit ropey at times still very very enjoyable... plus Olivia Wilde is FAR FAR to hot looking in tight Leather pants and boots (Ian approves). the rest of that night was spent drinking and eating which made me a bit more exciting and bouncy and at this point I'm sure one of them wanted to kill me or at least send me to bed without any supper. (I did really rush that day but this is already a longish blog and I'm not even at Christmas eve chances are this might be a tow parter you lucky swine's!)

... now then you remember this *? well I said we would come back to it so I will... I did say that I was smart for getting all my shopping online, do you also recall me saying it snowed? well .... it snowed alot so guess what started suffering.... Yes the Post. I'm waiting for not only my own gifts but the ones my sister was sending over for the family as she couldn't make it over for xmas this year... lucky they came but my poor brother was left getting one rather small gift. it's been over a week now and the snow is only just melting now slippy as hell so I've been on my arse a few times.. plus the old man went and broke a rib so... its been a original Christmas at least..

So there really will be a part 2 ... as simply i've eaten and drank to much over the last few days and REALLY need a nap.

Until then .. Merry Christmas!



    It has nothing to do with anything in your post.

    I hope you're happy, Ian. I hope you're *really* happy.

  2. My internet presents came late as well. I ordered some XKCD stuff for the bf and it was a barrel of stress knowing it might not come in time. I ended up with two parcels of the same thing though *win*. I'm yet to see if I've been charged twice...

    I thought about seeing Tron then decided against it. Thinking it was probably going to be terrible and make my life cry.

  3. Oh my god it won't let me enter < > for anything. IT WAS A GREAT AND WONDERFUL JOKE!