Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Guess who came back to blogger?

I dark shadow stands up from the darkness, a single light shines from behind the shape of a man as he's begins to pat himself down. Dust blows around him as a loud "Crack" sound fills the air from the man's back.

He steps forward into the light, showing a checked shirt scruffy beard and a sharp new hair cut.

Man: ... I'm back baby!

Intro music plays

This is the opening of a new TV show that will never be real, but frankly I needed a way to show people that I was back in the blogging game... not just on Tumblr because look who has their very own web site address

....That's right people I'm easy yo remember now... I am, the site and page may change over time and the quality of the blogs I hope at least will be a lot better.... and I WILL be blogging more mark my words!

Until then, just keep re-reading this. :)



  1. YAY! You've come back to the good side.

  2. love the new design!

    May I request that you don't require me to log into google to leave a comment? Geez, Dutchface. Hoops! You make me jump through hoops!

    - Linda (linking because google is not linked to my main blog)

  3. I don't think I can change that so people might have to log in ... I will however look right into it as I may have missed it :) normal blogging will take place... on friday :)