Monday, 25 July 2011

Holiday of sorts

So this is the start of my week off of what is technically my "summer holiday" but which sadly because I'm slightly broke at the moment can't really afford to go anywhere. Not that any of my friends have time off at the same time (and) or any cash to spend sunning themselves in some far flung country. So I came up with a plan:

for my week off for at least 3 of the 5 days I will go out, alone to a place I haven't been before, but which is in public transport reach. I have trains and buses, my backpack and my camera and I go and see some places of the country side I would never normally go, thus helping me get out and about (not sitting in for 5 days playing on my Xbox), getting a little fitter (being that my gut/arse has gotten a little larger) and mostly getting some photo shooting in after all I call myself a fan of photography and haven't taken many photos in the last few months. Today was no exception I went for a walk around the coast and woodland area about 15 minutes away from my house on train, now it might not seem very far but the sun was out and the woodland is very hilly (more so if you go off the path like I did) and the sand dunes if you get trapped on the wrong side of then (again like I did) they are very steep so it feels like a hundred miles away from my small but yet busy little town of Bootle.

Formby woods is a amazing place to visit, not only is it a great mix of heavy pine woodland but amazing white sanded beaches and sand dunes.. ok at the end of the day IT IS England so the water is going to be cold but it's fine for just chilling out and taking a few photos which is at the end of the day one of my plans. I'm not going to go deep into the story of getting a bit lost and turned around in the woods but if you follow me on twitter you will have seen (between all the swearing and stupid comments) that I did... and there is a nice little video of me completely surrounded by trees at the top of a steep hill to prove it.

So there is it day one of my "holiday" tomorrow is going to be spent hanging with some friends and I plan to make the walk across in beach on the Wirral to get to Hilbre Island but I have to plan that because of fast tides coming in from the Sea... so that should be fun, plus they have loads of wildlife around the small island (including seals) and the remains of a old fort so you can all wish me luck on that one.

One final thing with the end of the month coming thick and fast it means that VEDA is starting again, for those of you that are already joining it and only know my blog because of the link, hello. to the rest of you, you might remember me taking part in last years and me talking about it pretty much ALL of the time. I've got to know some great people from it (even if they are miles away and I might never meet them) and it's not a lie to say it changed my life a little last year ( I even got to spend New Years in San Francisco via Skype with some of the guys) so overall the fact it's starting again in a few days has got me pumped. Hoping to get to know some new awesome people!

Until next time
LYF - Ian


  1. Loved the pictures!


  2. I think that your idea to just explore is an awesome idea. I probably would do the same thing if I had a week off. It's definitely an active way to get out there and just go on your own mini adventure. I would love to just have the opportunity to just get out there and explore what's in my area a bit more. Even for an hr on my free time.

    I actually did find your site on the VEDA list. I'm new to it and I'm excited to be a part of it.

  3. Nice post of your adventures, you'll have to take me along one day!

    Links are bit hard to see though, might be worth changing the colour of the links or enlarging them to make them stand out a bit more :)

  4. hahah my granddad is from formby, the water IS cold! love the post