Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ok So today is 20SB blog swapper day! ... and this is the first time i've taken part in it! ... so my small but loyal blog readers, I give you .... Camilla

Howdy, y'all!

My name is Camille. I also respond to Camilla or
I am 22 years old and I am a proud Texan
(born and raised!)
I grew up in Alvin and that is where I currently reside today.
I am currently in between universities-- I was attending the
University of Houston- Clear Lake, but I am transferring back to Alvin
Community College in order to pursue a degree in Paralegal Studies.

I'm so excited to be swapping blogs with Ian for the day!

So, how was YOUR summer?

I didn't do too much, really...

At the very beginning of the summer, I started my blog. I've met so
many wonderful people because of 20SB and a few other groups scattered
here and there. It's been a great experience to connect with such neat

One of the especially interesting things that I did this summer was
explore an abandoned house in Galveston, Texas called The
Stewart Mansion
. I was so in love with it that I visited the
house twice!

I also went to see the beautiful and talented Katy
It was my very first pop concert and I'm so happy I
was able to experience that with such wonderful friends!

Mainly, though, I spent time with my best friend/boyfriend and worked
at my job. I work for an investigative network in Houston which can be
both stressful and interesting. Houston takes a lot of getting used
to, even though I've lived near it my entire life. The people aren't
the friendliest when it comes to commuting, and just like in any big
city, you really can't avoid traffic.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, it's just nice to relax.
I went to a great dog show, went on quite a few drives around the area
in which I live, and took a ton of pictures. And to me, that's the way
summer is supposed to be...spent in a perpetual state of relaxation
(or in my case, calm on the weekends)!

Thank you, Ian, for letting me take over your blog for a day! If you
would like to know what Ian wrote, please visit my blog here

Love, Camille

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