Sunday, 14 August 2011

Some weekends just make you laugh

This weekend has been one of those strange ones, for the ones of you that don't know since the 1st August I've been taking part in VEDA. Video EveryDay in August, (why it isn't VEIN is beyond me but that's off point) everyday we have been using a pre selected topic so that everyone who is taking part shares the same information everyday ... or at least tries to.

Saturdays topic was something I was rather looking forward to, it was vlog with other people. This was a chance for me to drag in my friends and show them what it is to be me on a day to day (at least in August anyway) basis. The plan was this, get together and make a video which was a bit unlike my others. Part of this was to simply each talk to the camera in turn and edit it together so it looked like one massive conversation. Bits where set up, people acting stupid (mostly me) and my friend Hannah at one point was wearing a top hat with goggles. Now for me (i'm a pro at this now) a video which has a runtime of about 3min would normally maybe take me 20 minutes to film and maybe just short of that to edit, but no, no NOT today. You see I've never vlogged with other people in the room (I have outside with strangers around but this was different) and we frankly had had FAR FAR to much sugar and energy drinks down us and after almost 2 hours of filming and the odd raised word we had finished, what in our heads would be a show like no other, a show which would be the next big weekly thing on YouTube, a thing ...... ok it was shite. instead of flowing like a smooth chat between friends it was something else. It was, a mess, even with my fantastic editing skills.

As luck would have it, the 1 hour 20 minutes we spent between doing the shots of this acted epic (pile of crap) was filled with so much filth and some many random jokes and giggles (and most importantly the DELETE button) I cobbled together a video which for the three of us (Dan, Hannah and myself) is much more funny than it would be to anyone else, you guys don't get some of the jokes because they make no sense to the normal people of the world. It was one of those nights that if we ever vlogged together again wouldn't happen.

if you'd like to see said video and work out what the hell was going on feel free its here and if you stay on that site you can find all the other videos from VEDA if you'd like.

One final thing this year (my first year) I have signed up to take part in 20Something Bloggers annual blog swap, I'm a little scared by this... I've never had to write for other people in which a group of people I've never met will take the time to read it ... that has to be sent on Wednesday so the chances are the next blog post you'll read on here will be: 1) better than this & 2) .. not written by me.

Until then!


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