Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Brain fart intro & Dutchface's American trip?

So the picture above me looking blank and expressionless at my laptop really does fully represent me over the last few months now doesn't it? - well other than the fact that my hair is a fair bit shorter and I have a pair of sweet arse new Ray-Ban thick rimmed glasses that make me look like a tubby less clean cut version of Clark Kent. What was I talking about? ... OH i've been missing from writing blogs for a while, in fact i've been missing from making videos *cough* here *cough* and most other writing (that I do, you just never see) so other than Twitter *Cough* here *cough* I've been a bit of a rubbish child of the internet.

While thinking of ways to blog more, which after all was the reason I spent the £30 on this blasted domain name, I figured that having a topic each time to blog would help. Oddly enough the thing I talk about most on here is the fact that I don't come on here enough and write. (which I've been told I CAN'T have as my blogging topic) So until I think of a more impressive plan to talk to you about we're just going to leave that little hobby hanging on the wall (next to my Ukulele which I can't even tune) for the time being.

Where things stand on my videos - I have a idea for a new vlog written down and being kept safely on my iPhone BUT sadly I can't commit it to film at this moment due to my Camera being broken. For you Camera people out there I own a Canon 500D and every time I attempt to take a photo or record a video I get the wonderfulness of the Err20 screen. (which when I take it back to the shop works fine which means they can do bugger all - annoying!)

OK this is the big news, the big big (expensive) BIG news... this morning at around 10.35am I spotted a Tweet sitting looking at me telling me that I should "...go to!" and very unlike me I started clicking the next button, filling in my details, clicking the next button, filling in my YouTube info and then... that was it. Ladies and Gentlemen ... Ldutch WILL be at VidCon! (holds for applause)

OK, OK it might not be as big news as Weezy waiter or CTFxC ... but hell I have 115 subscribers and I'm coming to see you all (well the ones that will be at Vidcon anyway) ..... NOW before we get to far ahead of ourselves there happens to be a problem. I have the $57 ($90) for the two day ticket to go in, what I don't have is the (what is looking like) the £750+ needed to fly to the city of angels. Where i'm going with this is I need your help how would everyone I know feel about paying me £150 to sleep with them ....... HA Kidding, I want nothing from you. I'm going to be there... I'm going to have fun with my WeVlogWeBlog friends and it's going to be great. So if you know me right this second and can touch me I want you to understand i'm not going to be any fun for three months while I save "like FUCKING mad" to have the funds to go...

and it will be magical. Until then. I'm thinking of using my blog to go over the week of news in kind of a fun way ... I dunno yet I feel this might be interesting. (and totally not stolen from @PhillyD in any way shape or form.... promise.)

Until the next time. Love your faces


  1. BIG LEAP across the pond! Who are you staying with while you're there???

  2. Ooh that's pretty amazing! I love America. I expect many an adventure to written down for the blog. :)