Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sleep patten ... just like the old days.

So this is a shock, its blog, hello blog. i'm blogging.... on my blog... which I pay £30 a year to have the name to....

Mainly the shock to me is that as of right now it's creeping up to 5am. Well I say shock, a shock is defined as: " A sudden economic disturbance, such as a rise in the price of a commodity" wait that has nothing to do with the point I am trying to make here... Look like I said its now after 5am and i'm awake. its a shock, people, bridge build over it .. or something like that. I take it right now you're unsure to keep reading some mindless babble or power past this all and get ready to read some hard cutting edge power stuff, wel; you'll be happy to know it was well worth sticking around because....

... I'm going to bed. but hey it's Christmas, I'm travelling to Ireland for that, I've got vidcon saving up money and all things like that to talk about ...and I might be joining/starting a podcast at the beginning of next year. So it will get better. ... at least for a few weeks.

Love your faces.

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  1. My pattern is exactly the same; at least twitter is full of night owls like us.