Wednesday, 4 January 2012

20SB blogger Sexy male?

So a funny thing happened to me today, I'm sitting here minding my own business like I do (to me this means playing on my Xbox - yes i'm that cool guy who does that to unwind) when I get that buzzing feeling in my pocket, now I get that feeling a lot. It's not a random part of my body going crazy but my iPhone letting me know I've got yet another tweet (I'm popular what can I say?) This time its the always welcome words of Phampants. I met Phampants on the internet about 2 years ago when we took part in the same Youtube project called VEDA and have kinda stayed in touch since along with many of the others from it. Now today Pham's tweet said something... well something odd.

" Congrats on being nominated the sexiest male blogger on "

I'm sorry? Did I just read that right, as my response him shot back a simple "lol what?" Though low and behold the man wasn't lying. Some of the 19,000 members of the ever fantastic 20 something blogger's had taken their time out of their day to suggest I'm nominated for SEXIEST MALE BLOGGER ... I'm not going to lie to you guys here, the words "Sexiest" and "male" haven't really been put together very many times over my 25 years (almost 26 now) on this earth.

OK, so this put me in a place as it means a great deal (with any luck) of new people will be looking on my site to see who I am and what I do, what I talk about and all that jazz and what will they find? Well my last post was written at about 5am one morning when I couldn't sleep and is frankly, well shite. So my first task was despite having 30min to write a post before I had to go out, which as I'm sure you can tell I'm doing now. (filled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar no doubt). The second task I have to do is make the people who don't know me fall in love with me so I can win, now while I said I don't get called sexy a great deal I still want to win it (mainly so I can be smug) as frankly I would be massively thankful to everyone who votes for me... also you'd make me blush and i'm sure that would be fun to see.

So there you go then, a almost 26 year old scruffy male from Liverpool England nominated for Sexist male blogger who would have thought it... Thank you.


I've just been messaged to tell me that I am also nominated for a second award BEST OVERALL MALE - GEEZUSS guys I don't know what I deserve for that being that as blogging goes I'm rather rubbish and forgetful on the writing of them part BUT I am MASSIVELY thankful for the votes... and even more if I win. ;)


Now then if you want to Vote I really should point out how you do it shouldn't I.
1) Be a memember of 20SB ( )
2) Go to this voting page by clicking here: 20SBvoting
3) Find the categories that I'm in (also vote for others if you know them!)
4) Vote for me in those groups.
5) get a hug from me if I win.

Thanks a lot everyone who votes.
Love your faces


Twitter: @Dutchface


  1. w00t! Congrats Ian! You have my vote!

  2. 20sb told me there was a hawt guy here, so obviously I ran as quickly as I could.

    You should probably put a picture up, showing the world your male blogger sexiness. Probably a nudey picture would be best. LOL Just kidding!

    But seriously.

  3. Congrats!!! I must say I'm not surprised. Ever since I saw you on VEDA....well...I thought you were hot. You have my vote!

  4. Congrats on your sexiness!

    The 20sb females are very excited.

  5. Wow! everyone thanks this is amazing. I feel so loved! :)

    .. hang on people are falling in love with me and i'm not even doing anything?! have I been doing it wrong all these years :P

    This is really pushing the reason "you should live in America" to a whole new level... thanks again.


  6. Congrats, Ian. Were I a 20-something blogger, I would totally vote for you. But I'm not. So I won't. Sorry.

    I still think you're cute, though! :)

  7. I will take yours as a "if I lose by one I would have won" :P

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