Monday, 16 January 2012

And the votes are in

So I didn't really know how to start this, I mean it was only the other day I was sitting here with roughly this expression :O taking large gasps of breath from the shock of simply being included in the Bootleg awards but to be included in the 4 people honoured ... HONOURED to be placed into the category of "Sexiest male blogger" and now.... here... only a few hours ago (honestly didn't know what to say for that long) the result came in and you guys voted for me... I mean you LOVE me, you REALLY love me.

But naturally as I knew I was more sexy than a picture of a dinosaur (thankfully) and oddly enough a guy the people I worked with nicknamed "Man with the chiselled jaw".. so in YOUR FACE .. I mean... unlucky, unlucky... sorry little bit of a typo then. I just wanted to take this little chance to say thanks to everyone who voted for me (ME! HA! in YOUR FACE!) and my sexy face, thankfully you didn't get to look at the rest of my body or I my just have lost :P

So what is next for me? Well for the next few days I'll not be going to work as to avoid all the women who have flocked outside my house since the news was broken on twitter. It's a bigger crowd than The Beatles AND Elvis crowd mixed fan's of the 60's together (but not in black and white) and five times as loud. So after it's all died down a bit I'll be heading to the castle that I'm sure 20SB will be giving me as a prize and living there for many years only coming out to fight dragons and allowing the next women in for a tour of my home.

So until then, you will get to see this sexy face taking part in a vlogging event this Friday you can find a link to my Youtube and to all the other amazing people who will be taking part, and if you fancy it yourself then come and play it's a ton of fun!

Thanks again... i'm off to battle Sexy Clone to the death. See you soon
Love your faces!

Dutchface xx


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    1. Well thanks very much ... I also seem to have won another one, which I guess i'll have to write about in the morning. :P