Friday, 11 May 2012

If you follow me on twitter you've already seen this

Yesterday was one of those days when you say something you shouldn't. Even if it was a joke you being the person you are likes to stand by things you say you'll do and then do them, even if you do regret suggesting ... in a joke..

This person yesterday was me: this video I made will explain:

Yes, that's me saying that at some point (before 20th May) I will be making a short video in which I'll pretending to be a new Doctor (as in Doctor Who the show... I'm not going to check you for an STD or anything) How will my acting hold up, will it look silly... just how far do I take this?  I'm the type of person that if i'm going to do something I'm going to do it. So it's not just going to be me in front of a webcam, i'm going to film this... properly.

Wish me luck. 
Love your faces
Ian x

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