Thursday, 14 June 2012

JST Blog - I was on a ship

So as you know if you read my twitter ... or you know of me on facebook or Google+ you might have seen that I was on a ship for 5 days last week.

Now while I do plan to do a large blog post on the whole week ( tomorrow most likely) I did write one while sitting in the bar of the ship during a long day of rope pulling and ship sailing... so I give you that... you know, to pass the time:

I've taken this from who are the people that run these amazing trips. You should look into the good work they do! 
Dated: 13/06/2012
Voyage LN815
4th June 2012 – 9th June 2012

This is the voyage of the STS Lord Nelson boldly going where quite a few ships have been before.

We’ve lost some (let us never forget H, Mick and Super Eric), gained some (pounds) and laughed our food back up.

Sailing along the English coastline we enjoyed about a day and a half of hot sunny weather (Turning Ian into a lobster but it’s ok he informs us he tans well)

Our watch which has been named amazingly "Abi’s watch" (we’re good at names here cleary). We have a strong team of Abi (our leader), Amy (our supplier of clothing), Pete (who sings ALL THE TIME), Ian (the strong charming cute award winning blogger who is writing this right now), H and Mick (who got to charter a DOTI boat back to shore) and Fran and Mandy (who frankly … are epic) who were "Forward Starboard"

The permanent crew are all great they helped us, have shown everyone on board what was expected, how we should do it in ways that isolated no-one and honestly made everyone feel part of the crew. Alongside ripping the 'Ship’ out of each and every one of us J

Life on board has been fantastic, Ian (who is writing this) and Pete who have never been on a ship like this before have enjoyed all the parts of life on ship and have thrown themselves into any of the jobs given to them (even being ill over the side of the ship) and everyone else in our little crew have given everything they can to be the best team onboard.

It’s been a fantastic few days and something I have at least felt really privileged in taking part in, the people and crew that I have met and spoke to have all been fantastic and treated you like one of the team no matter what. If you’re reading this thinking you should come along and take part at some point (and hopefully make it to France) you should. This ship has been phenomenal, the crew fantastic and it’s safe to say people have made some new friends. Really you should do this…. Really… now. Take part, it will keep you smiling, sailing and give you a strong stomach.

Abi’s Watch: Abi, Ian, Pete, Fran, Mandy, H, Mick and Amy


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