Tuesday, 9 October 2012

So, since June: Bullet point attack.

Yes, OK so this post should have been written about 4 or 5 weeks ago now, you all know me the self entitled worst blogger in the world. I've found it takes a lot to get me to sit down and write things any more  Which for someone who did a degree in writing (OK it was film/TV script writing) I don't do anything. So today I promised I would blog and DAMNIT I'm blogging.

So what's happened since the last time I wrote something on my blog, looking at it you will see that it was in JUNE (shakes head) So if I want to hold my 20SB title of sexiest male blogger I'm going to have to work harder aren't I? (not in the looks department I'm super fucking pretty so you can relax on that). So what has been going on in my life, lets play super fast catch up with the joys of bullet pointing.

  • I'd been texting Rachel rather a lot over the last few months, I say "texting" what I mean is flirting ... a lot and by Rachel I mean this pretty girl I'd known for a year from Chicago.
  • After buying a $750 plane ticket to LAX I began saving like a tiny squirrel getting all the nuts it needs to winter in order to have money to spend over there.
  • Only half jokingly (as I was realllllly hoping for a yes) said to Rachel "want to grab a coffee or something when we're in LA?" to which I got I think the fastest reply ever... that reply was "yes" I like to think it was all in CAPS ... but I don't think it was :P
  • Took my first trip to California to attend Vidcon with some AMAZING people...
"be a dinosaur!" I pose for some odd photos 

 Lets break from the main bullet points for a second, since Vidcon should have really had it's own post not long after I got back lets take a second to talk about it, .. but in bullet points, why you ask? bullet points are easy to do, shut up.

  • Flew to Chicago, Rachel and Pham met me at the airport for my connecting flight to LAX.
  • Got a little shy, (umm OK that's not happened before) just kinda hugged Rachel and left to get a Starbucks before coming back and just.. standing there.
  • Sat next to Rachel from Chicago to LAX, things felt better. Flirting resumed.
  • Met Nico! .. who kindly was picking everyone up from the airport, thanks buddy.
  • Spent the day in Disney, flirting, didn't Kiss Rachel on the ghost train ... who wants their first kiss to be in the Haunted Mansion. Nope.
  • VIDCON happened: met lots of cool "You Tubers" met Ze Frank at the bar invited him to join us and then just spoke about video making for 25min (That was fucking awesome). 
  • Just had a casual game of Settlers of Catan with... FUCKING WIL WHEATON for 2 hours
  • went on said date with Rachel, kissed her then... kissed her some more, took photos, kissed more and ate ice cream, kissed a bit more, drank water, walked, took more photos, did some geocaching and kissed a bit more. :) (sappy Ian is sappy)
  • Dancing, singing and inventing new dance moves at the YouTube gig/concert at the end of the night, a little drunk. 
We're best friends now... honest.
After Vidcon, me and Rachel thought it would be a good idea to give something called a "long distance relationship" a go. You might have heard of them? So it was settled by me, pretty much before I flew back to England that I would be back. Which leads us back to the main bullet points.

  • Started saving money to fly to Chicago.
  • Got a nice little tax rebate from the tax man - bought plane ticket that day to Chicago
  • Had a number of Skype dates with Rachel - watching Doctor Who and Movies while eating popcorn 4000+ miles away at the same time.

  • Flew to Chicago .... 
Which I will talk about... next week. (look I need a way to get myself to write more regularly.. this is it)

Overall these last few months have been fantastic. Meeting new people, meeting people I've known for a while and spending time in amazing places. Most of all Rachel, I like that I can call her my girlfriend, I like it how when she iMessages me at 4am I'm not pissed off, in fact I encourage her to do so just because I like reading things she says to me. I'm pretty much a huge sappy loved up idiot. But I would like it very much if you didn't tell anyone.

So until I make you vomit with next weeks post, see you then.



  1. Pretty sure I need a new lap top because this one has throw up all over it now.

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