Monday, 20 May 2013

Projects: Podcasts & Comic Book characters in plaid.

One project was thrown to the ground after only a week of posting, it's a good idea but it will be something I can come back to in the future or at least until someone begs me to see photos of me as a child. But when something stops (even if it was about 7 months ago) others begin.

Honestly I am someone that loves writing or blogging but the fact that it takes me months sometimes even years between writing to do them really confuses me. You might even know that at University on top of Media course I took a creative script writing class which I utterly loved and wrote some, frankly, stella scripts but after I finished (some 7 years ago now) and got my degree, did I write anything creatively? Did I bollocks, I went about my life and didn't touch it leaving my poor brain to just become a stagnant pond of creativity.

Now, I was lucky enough last Friday to be a guest on The Petecast and without spoilers (as it's not out till next week) it's the best podcast you're going to hear with both me and fantastic Peter on. At the end of said podcast I mentioned that I was working on a new secret project, I have to say I'm the worst at keeping my own secrets because I just want to tell people and get feedback right away. It's a project that I'm working slowly because like I said, stagnant pond. As you might or might not know, I'm a bit of a fan of comic books so without beating around the bush for too long here, I've start writing one. Now I've only ever written scripts for TV/radio in my academic life so to come at this with no fucking idea on how to structure writing a comic book I've began attacking it like I was writing for TV and you know what, it's kinda working.
What I'm planning on doing (and lets hope I can continue this time) is every couple of weeks come back to this blog and fill in what I've been doing with the writing of this comic. It's both a way to get me to keep writing it without taking long breaks and to keep people in the loop and hopefully use other people to get some help or ideas as I go along with the story. Think of it like a kickstarter pick only without you having to give me any money.

I'm happy to say that as of now, I've written the overall idea of the story I'm going with. I've got most of the characters sorted and yes there will be a character who wears plaid. I don't want to give too much away clearly just yet, mostly because it's the internet and ideas can always be stolen but I will give some plot points and better info as I get closer to the completed first draft. I might even start seeing if I have any lovely friends who can draw to help bring parts of it to life as I write it to see what the characters would be like. (really if you are a bit of a drawer let me know).

Jumping back to podcasts for a second, Jay an old friend of mine and myself have started our very own podcast. Now it's the first time we have done anything like this together and while the first one isn't up to listen to just yet (but will be sometime Tuesday 21st), we have recorded two and having listened to the both after the second one we already seem to be more comfortable crammed into a small room talking to each other. So i'm looking forward to recording more. So if you like films and movie talk come join us at CinemaGoers and get ready for some mindless movie chatter, though we do promise to talk about new films and trailers more than other things we do get sidetracked now and again.. but it's all in good fun. So keep an idea out for that.

Until next time with some comic book updates.
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