Friday, 7 February 2014

"Sticks and Stones luv'".

Lets get things started. I don't have a new job but I am working for free and will be for around 2 weeks, at a online news site which will soon becoming a local TV station. Do I hope that it becomes a job soon and they start paying me? Yes, yes I fucking do.

I want back into this industry and I feel like this is a good chance of mine to get back in. I've been there for a week now and in that time I'm thrown myself into doing what I can, it's a young team with two bosses who sit upstairs that I've seen maybe 3 times. We're left to get on with out work, that's cool I like that, it works great.
The people who I've been working with seem like good people, yes I'm the oldest there in the room but only by a few years. Over this last week I've done a few jobs, I've filmed 3 news stories with someone else doing the interviewing and I've edited two, the last thing I have to do now is be in front of the camera and tell the news story. I'm fine with this, I've been doing Youtube for long enough to know I can do it, yes it feels a bit different because you're with other people and not sitting on your arse alone in a bedroom, but it's not something I can't do.

So hears the thing, I don't want to be someone I am not and as you can see from here and mostly if you follow me on Twitter, that I like a good swear, it's part of me, I don't think swearing should be such a big deal as some people can make out as after all they're just words.

"Sticks and Stones luv'".

BUT, being online giving a news report, with my face and having to sign off at the end of the report with my "my name, company name, Liverpool". This (at least in my head) means people will look for me by typing in my name. I did a little Googling to see how long that would take. Now I'm pleased to say typing in my name you see nothing to connect me to Dutchface for many pages, which I would say a average person would have given up by that time. This can't be said however if you flick that switch to "Images" which after only 27 images and four rows down there, thanks to FUCKING GOOGLE+ is my face and my name which then has Dutchface written all over it and ta-dar you found me.

I've never been one for hiding online, you know me you know me big deal I've a very open book, you can really ask me anything (go for it feel free). But I would be lying if I said I don't know how I feel about people such as PR people or at least people I have interviewed (in a future where this is what I keep doing) having the connection between that hard working guy with the beard to Dutchface, that guy who says "Fuck" lots.

I figured I have some options.

  1. I make a new twitter which is still me but less (to little) swearing for mostly work reasons.
  2. I stop swearing on twitter and change. 
  3. I go and delete all information that has both my name and Dutchface on. You who know me will all still know its me and my real name but new people shouldn't be able to connect the two. 
So internet, what do YOU think? Do I do one of these options? Do you have other suggestions?

Now I know a few of you have already said to me on twitter what you think, but frankly I've not blogged since May last year.. so guessed it was time.

Love your faces.

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