Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"Update: Coming soon"

You know, in 2015 when I wrote "Update coming soon" I honestly thought I was going to get back into the whole blogging thing. I still wasn't 30, I still lived at home with my mum and dad, I was at the time still unemployed. It felt like the thing to do. Reconnect with some old online friends, relive the glory days of being the "Worlds sexiest male blogger" and most importantly...write about how sad and alone I was. You know, use this blog like any (emo till I die) normal person would and vent some feelings.

But none of that happened, 3 years pass and nothing. I turned 30 and got a job as a chef, I moved out of my mum and dads and rented a flat on the docks overlooking the river, I turned 31 and met (I'm going to be biased here) the most beautiful girl I've ever met and stopped being all sad. I moved out of my lovely dock flat and out to a bigger flat near some parks and amazing places to eat and drink. I turned 32 and my girlfriend has now moved in with me, we're looking at things to buy from Ikea, fighting about who's turn it is for the dishes and who has to hoover the floor this week (it's her turn don't believe what she says).

So what, why are you writing this blog now? I hear you all shout. The answer, honestly I don't know why now. The last few weeks I've just been wanting to sit down and type, something, anything. A story? a blog? A poem? Just something creative. Does it mean I'm going to blog more, I hope so because I miss it. Or at the end of the day is it going to be another three years. Time will tell, but I've changed the look of the blog, removed some things and just gave it a bit of a dusting, so who really knows.

Good talking to you all again.

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  1. *applause* good to see you even kept the domain going